Planning to visit Amritsar?Here are best places to visit in amritsar,The entrance to the Golden temple ornate with inlay work. Verses from the Granth Sahib inscribed on the entrance of the room . North Entrance known as the Darshani Deori, the entrance is up a flight of steps and down again to the temple and the holy tank. The temple is double storey marble structure reached by a causeway referred to as Guru’s Bridge. The lower storey is in white marble with the wall decorated with inlaid flower and animal motifs. The design of the Golden temple is a mix of the Hindu and Muslim designs. The Golden Dome (said to be glided with 100kg of pure gold) which represents the inverted lotus flower, pointing back to earth to symbolize the sikh’s concern with the problems of this world. The Temple building has four entrances rather than one entry. The religious text, compiled by Guru Arjan Dev, rests on a throne beneath a jewel – encrusted canopy.


AIR : Several airlines operate international flights out of Amritsar. Indian Airlines has three domestic flights to Delhi weekly.
RAIL : Direct trains to delhi (450km.) The Amritsar- Howrah Mail links Amritsar with Lucknow (980 km) Varanasi (1249km.) and kolkata (1900km.)
ROAD: Frequent buses leave to Amritsar from Delhi (428 km) and chandigarh.


1.Wagah Border (25 km from Amritsar) :
The flag de-hoisting ceremony at the Wagah border is a daily military practice that the security forces of India and Pakistan jointly follow. It is an electrifying experience with chants of Vande Matram and Bharat Mata ki Jai evoking patriotism and a wonderful sight ( Ceremony) behold.

2.Jallianwala Bagh : Is a public garden that houses a memorial of national importance, to commemorate the massacre of peaceful celebrators including unarmed women and children by British occupying forces, on April 13,1919.
Also offer your prayers at, Durgiana Mandir and Hanuman Mandir.

3.Taran Taran : This is 24 kms south of Amritsar, founded by the 5th Prophet Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji the impressive Gurudwara with gold plated dome. It has a holy pool. The guru would run a leper’s home here.

4.Goindwal Sahib: Within easy reach of Taran Taran is the centre of Sikh religion during the time of the third Prophet, Guru Amar Das Ji. The deep wall (bauli) in the Gurudwara has 84 steps. Whoever takes a bath here and recites Japji Sahib consider it ab ablution.

5.Baba Bakala :45 kms from Amritsar. The ninth Prophet Guru Teg Bahadur had discovered himself to Makhan shah Lubana, a sikh devotee here.

6.Ram Tirth : Located 11 kms west of Amritsar on Chogawan road, dates back to the period of Ramayana, rishi Valmiki’s hermitage. A hut marks the site where Mata Sita gave birth to Lav & Kush.

7.Lakshmi Narain Temple : Built in the early 20th century it echoes, not the traditional Hindu temple architecture, but that of the Golden temple.


Climate : cool and Moderate Climate .Summer are hot.
Temperature :
25’c- 35’c
Time to go to :
Any time of the year
What to Wear :
Cotton clothes
Languages Spoken :
Hindi and Punjabi

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