Jodhpur is the best place to visit in Rajasthan after jaipur.Jodhpur is at the edge of the thar desert and is the largest city in rajasthan after Jaipur.places to visit in jodhpur includes massive fort,topping a sheer rocky ridge right in the middle of the town, dominates the city. Rao jodha, a chief of the Rajput clan knowns as the Rathores, are founders Jodhpur in 1459. His descendants ruled not only Jodhpur, but also the other Rajput Princely states. The old Jodhpur is surrounded by 10 km long wall, build about a century after the city was found from the fort, one can clearly see where the old city ends and the new one begins.It is fascinating to wander around the jumble of winding streets in the old city,out of which eight gates lead out.Jodhpur is affectionately referred to as the ‘blue city’ because of the idigocoloured houses in the old town,which can be seen from the ramparts of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort,which looms high above the buzzing city.


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