Singapore visa

Singapore Tourist Visa for Indian Citizen
Every year more Indians have been visiting Singapore for short holidays. It is indeed the best place for fun vacation. Singapore tourist visa for Indian Citizens is applicable for those people who wish to visit Singapore for the purpose of tourism and peace travel. It is also meant to those visitors who want to visit Singapore to visit friends and relatives. To travel to this beautiful country, you must apply for Singapore Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens category that allows you to stay for a maximum of 30 days with two years validity. The Singapore tourist visa does not allow the visa holder to take away any kind of business while in Singapore.
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Bangkok Visa For Indian Citizens

Indian passport holders who are visiting BANGKOK for Tourism and plan to stay no more than 15 Days in the same country can get the Visa on Arrival service from the designated channels of Immigration checkpoints. If you wish to stay for more than the particular time period, you can apply for another visa which allows you to stay longer in this beautiful land of smiles. Read more

Europe Visa For Indian

Indians touring Europe is growing every year and is projected to grow around 15 million by 2020. For every Indian, visiting Europe is daydream goal as most of us get inclined towards the amazing locations in Europe. We get partial by the majesty of our Bollywood movies. European visa is of a special kind as it is a permit to enter more than 25 European countries. There are Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) in almost all metro cities.
Before you decide to visit any of the European country, there are many inquiries you need to go through. However, remember the advantages of Europe visa for Indian – it will allow you to move around in almost all the European countries.

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Dubai Visa for Indian

Plan your travel to visit Dubai (UAE), apply Dubai visa online! The electronic visa (also known as e- Visa) is one of the simplest ways to receiver tourist Visa. It’s a simple online process. Once your Visa is approved by the UAE Immigration in Dubai you will receive your Dubai tourist visa straight to your email inbox at the same hour they approved. The types of visa needed to enter Dubai or other emirates within the UAE depend on several factors such as nationality (Dubai tourist visa for Indians), purpose of your planned visit and its duration

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Thailand Visa for Indians

When you hear about Thailand, what comes to your mind? Is it Thai food or a beautiful place to settle life? Or a place of adventures? or may be everything, right? Yes, Thailand is one of the best tourist places in the world abundant with natural resources and excellent work, career and business opportunities.

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Visa for canada (Documents Required)

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Situated in a northern part of North America, Canadian culture explains the artistic, musical, literary, culinary, political and social elements. Most people who have been to Canada would say; there is no other Country in the World like Canada.

English and French are the languages mainly spoken in Canada. So it would be ideal if a person knows both languages to get a job or communicate with people in Canada. Read More

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