We curate your wedding events and help you put together your beginning of forever…

We organise and provide assistance with:

Set up & Décor | Catering | Entertainment | Choreography | Photographer | Videographer | Invites | Venues | Hotels | Guest Management | Home Shopping | Concierge Services … and anything and everything that may be required for the wedding.


Love is in the detailing. The pink of her cheeks and the brown of his eyes… we know what those colours mean. Our design team works with you to create personalised wedding themes that resonates through everything… your wedding card, décor, flowers, drapes, lighting, her wedding dress, his shervani, the vedi, the mandap, the buffet lounge, the tablecloths – you have it in mind and we bring it to life.

Destination Weddings

Our team is committed to bringing to life everything you imagined your wedding to be… making you very proud and your friends a little jealous. From planning Royal Palace Weddings in magnificent Palaces of Rajasthan to Beach Weddings in Goa or at exotic locations in Italy, we specialize in planning destination weddings to match your style.


As we orchestrate your nuptials, our chefs master the menus. We have in our repertoire, the gourmet talents of over 20master the whether you want street foods of India or specialised cuisine from anywhere in the world, we bring it all to you.

From the most intimate gatherings to large functions; Indian Accent at Home and Events, Etc., our in-house specialty catering services have catered to events across the world.


A good photograph is not made in the camera but on either side of it. Our wide range of professional wedding photography solutions are designed to capture every precious moment, every meaningful emotion and every important face – one click at a time.


“In the house of lovers the walls are made of songs, the floor dances and the music never stops.” – Rumi

Eventually every party is about entertainment, entertainment, entertainment! We ensure to give you the very best, be it the celeb glamour, music shows, favorite bands or a DJ. We work closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure that the wedding party is a night to remember.

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